Located in the center of the bustling capital in Vietnam, Hanoi Printing’s head office occupies about 80 staffs working in 7 separated departments. The Head Office is the workplace of the Board of Management and also the focal point of Sales. Direct Orders and business transactions are directly recorded here.


Plant is the place of production. The Production Planning Departments at Head Office and at the Factory will work together to carry out the implementation of sales orders and contracts, ensuring the production will meet the requirements of the Specifications, Quality, Quantity and Time Schedule. There are also 7 separated in departments in Hanoi Printing Plant which are equivalent to the specialized functions during the production process


Hanoi Printing also owns 2 branches in Ho Chi Minh city- the south of Vietnam and in Quang Ninh- the North of Vietnam to spread its business activities all over the country. Most recently, we have established our Subsidiary in Mozambique named MozaViet  with the target to expand ourselves in the African market.