Hanoi Printing., JSC can provide various types of machine in printing industry in accordance with requirements of valued customers. It is our great pleasure to properly consult our customers about printing machines and equipments  for production.

Our operation capacity can reach 24 billion printed pages (17×24cm) per year, equivalent to 80 tons paper a day. We have also professional employees of all fields from designing, printing, perfect after-printing products, and qualified engineers to operate and manage our modern machines. Our company specializes in dealing and importing machines, components of before –printing, due printing and post-printing from great brands in the world especially German, Japan.


     Printing Machines of Hanoi Printing  Folding Machines  Gluing Machines                      

                     Printing Machines                                   Folding Machines                                     Gluing Machines

         Cutting Machines

                   Cutting Machines                                       Sewing Machines                                    Gather Machines


     Saddle stitching Machine   Printing Machines of Hanoi Printing JSC Vietnam

                Saddle stitching Machines                            Other Machines



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