Step 2: Computer to plate



Computer-to-plate (CTP) is a newer technology that allows the imaging of metal or polyester plates without the use of film. Hanoi Printing has adopted CTP system since 2010 so that we can eliminate the stripping, compositing, and traditional plate making processes, which led to reduced prepress times, lower costs of labor, and improved print quality.


The reasons for printers to consider an investment in CTP are the same today as they have been since plates have been used in the production of presswork:

  1. To eliminate manufacturing redundancy and the associated costs in time and materials, i.e. remove film from the plate production process.
  2. To eliminate variation in the plate imaging process. Variation in plate imaging results in longer make-readies and increased time and material waste, compromised presswork-to-proof alignment, an inability to reliably run the finer screens increasingly demanded by today’s print buyers, inconsistent pressroom performance, and reworks.




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