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Activity: Talk show "Women Leadership" in Hanoi Printing


On 20th October,  to celebrate Women’s day, Hanoi Printing JSC organized for all of female employees in the Office located in 93 Phung Hung Street, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi a talk – show named “Women Leadership”.


This talk show was leaded by Mr. David Devine.


In this talk show, Mr. David Devine shared his knowledge for women about how to become succesful women, how to have a happy, healthy relationship.


Experiences which Mr. David Devine brought to all women of Hanoi Printing JSC was considered as new, brilliant ideas which created a lot of laughs to everyone and made every women in the Company feel that they had more courage, had more confidence in their life.


At the end of the talk show, there was a question – answer session. People felt very excited about the questions and funny responses from Mr. David Devine. With the people who asked most, he gave his books as a gift.



 David is a special well-known English teacher in Vietnam. He came to many different countries but Vietnam is the one that he chose to live for a long time. He has spent a lot of time studying the culture and language of Vietnam. He had a special interest in vietnamese women. He always says that he wants that vietnamese women can have a better life not only in social life but in professional life


Hope that every women can participate in such a interesting and attractive talk show like this.