Bangladesh with its full name: the Republic of Bangladesh located in southern Asia. Thanks to its natural incentives and social-economic advantages, Bangladesh is considered as a colorful picture of not only people but landscapes as well.

Moreover, Bangladesh is also considered as one of the most potential markets in printing filed all over the world. In Bangladesh, Hanoi printing joint Stock company has had opportunities in taking part in exhibitions, fairs to challenge in the field of pressing.

This is the 3rd time Hanoi Printing has participated in the bidding of the National Curriculum & Textbooks Board (NCTB) in Bangladesh. NCTB is specialized bidding on large projects of education in Bangladesh. Hanoi Printing participated in the bid-opening meeting with the 38/98 plot. In addition, Hanoi Printing had a chance in finding out other competitors in the printing industry.

Well- ending its mission in Bangladesh, Hanoi Printing collected insightful and practical experiences in the field of printing.





      Mr. Frank (HNP officer- First from left side) and Ms. Thu (HNP officer- Fourth from left side)


                                      Mr. Frank with Bangladesh students