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With further affirmation of the day-by-day growth of Ha Noi Printing JSC, The Board of Directors have recently organized a short –term course of management skill training to help all staffs consolidate, foster their own management skill in order to improve their working efficiency.




The lecturers for this course were the key managers of one of the top Viet Nam garment companies, associating with United States. The course attracted the majority of staffs in the company, especially The General Director and The Board of Directors.


The course took place in a democratic, lively atmosphere with open exchange between the Board of director and the other departments. With the scientific teaching method, combination between theory and the practical examples of management situation in Viet Nam SMEs. Teachers helped all staffs explore their own potentials. Moreover, the teachers also helped the whole staffs know how to express their ideas concisely, clearly and confidently before the crowd.


The prerequisite to work effectively is the exact information between the manager and the staffs. The obscure information leads to misunderstanding, decreasing work efficiency. At this course, each staff straightly expressed  their own difficulties which were solved thanks to teacher’s advice. In addition, the staffs realized both existing strength and weakness in their management skills. Therefore, they can find the best solutions for each problem.


This course really brings precise information and efficient working management skills for the whole staffs of Ha Noi Printing JSC. Through the course, officers of the company promised to work more scientifically, effectively, dynamically and compatibly. We hope that all officers will improve their working skills to help the company foster in quality and quantity, confirm its position in the domestic market as well as over the world.

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