Hanoi Printing welcomes a special customer


On 20th August 2015, Hanoi Printing proudly greeted a special customer from United States: Professor David William Devin.

David is a special well-known English teacher in Vietnam. First, he had worked for 21 years as senior officials in the United States. Then, he had left his job here and founded a company managing real estate named DWD with 82 apartments in the entire of United States. The revenue of this company was incredible: up to several hundred million dollars. But after that, he decided to sell the company, he began his new journey to foreign countries wishing to share their experiences with the world.



(Professor David Devin)


The first time David to Vietnam was in 1967, when he attended a student exchange program in 3 months. He came to many different countries but Vietnam is the one that he chose to live for a long time. He has spent a lot of time studying the culture and language of Vietnam.

He is also author of a best – seller “How to become a sucessful woman” in the United States with 2,000,000 books being sold. He plans to publish this book in Vietnamese version next month.

This time he came to Hanoi Printing office to discuss about his new project. This project is subject to enhance the relationship of couples or friendliness. Nowaday, people are very busy with their private life, their job..., they spend less time understanding others. Some couples, some friendship get troubles because they can not know what the other side, he or she thinks about.

David wants to create a play game with many questions to make couples discuss, talk and understand what he or she likes or hates, what he or she dreams about and what he or she plans to do.

This project is considered as an amazing, excellent idea and hope that it will get a lot of success.