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At Print China recently, KBA  announced a new sheetfed offset press, the Rapida 105 Pro, which will sit between the Rapida 105 and the high-end Rapida 106.

At 17,000sph the new press delivers a slightly higher level of performance, in terms of production, when compared with the Rapida 105. The Rapida 105 Pro has a larger standard sheet format of 740 x 1050mm and shorter makeready times.

KBA says the new press offers more automation, more equipment flexibility, and greater scope for customisation. The company sees good opportunities in the global market

New features include a full pre-set capabilities from the feeder, through the printing units to the delivery; semi-automatic plate change and automatic plate change options; KBA’s CleanTronic washing system for blankets, impression cylinders and rollers.


The Rapida 105 Pro delivery features fewer operating controls and more preset capabilities


Optional features include simultaneous roller wash; multi ink changes; and UV. KBA says fast clean enables the high-speed washing of rollers and cuts washing times from four to two minutes. It adds that the EasyClean ink duct’s non-stick coating greatly shortens cleaning times when changing inks. The ink ducts also do not have any expendable parts which need to be replaced frequently.

The Rapida 105 Pro comes available with up to 10 printing units, perfecting as well as single and multiple coating applications and it can be configured for individual production requirements.

It also has features for packaging printing: a coating unit function for use when changing coating plates, setting the register at the console and the coater and automatically cleaning the coating circuit or the hydro-pneumatic adjustable doctor-blade chamber.

Microflute, film and lightweight paper packages or kit for in-mould film are available for special applications.

The press handles substrate thicknesses from 0.04mm to 1.6mm. KBA says its gripper systems do not need adjusting. Further special components include a reel-to-sheet unit, perforation and numbering unit, iris printing device, and the KBA ColdFoiler.

All of the press’s functions can be controlled via touchscreen with a maximum of two touches of a button. The Rapida 105 Pro’s ErgoTronic console no longer features a data entry keyboard. User-friendly icons allow operators to easily change systems and familiarise themselves with this new press.

KBA says the new JobAccess programme offers savings in makeready times of up to 50 per cent and new tools for setting up ink profiles to reduce start-up waste. It offers a job list with preview images and optimisation functions for determining the sequence of jobs.

The company offers HR-UV or LED-UV drying processes. It says that LED drying leads to a longer service life of the lamps, minimal heat transfer to the printing stock, advantages in post-press and a significantly higher print quality on uncoated paper.