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Green printing has a lot to offer for the environment and for the savings on printing costs as well. When fully accomplished in an office or even at home, the expenses can be cut by up to 70% or more depending on the strategies applied.

When it comes to environmental concerns, green printing can help in conservation and preservation. On the use of recycled paper, the paper manufacturing industry has been quite active in seeking ways of producing their products without having to process pulps that are acquired from trees. This simply means that the thousand or more pounds of solid waste left when producing non-recycled paper could be reduced, allowing trees to live longer and become stronger for another set of years. Another good example of green printing strategy is the production of remanufactured printer cartridges, which are made up of recycled cartridges that have been inspected and tested before selling. These printer supplies reduce the number of resources used when creating OEMs, which helps preserve nature. Up to 97% of remanufactured cartridges are recyclable cutting the number of waste dumped each day.

There are a lot of things that can be done to make everyday printing greener. When it comes to paper or material used for printing, paper made out of post-consumer waste, processed chlorine free, uncoated, or treeless can be a good option to replace standard paper. These types of paper are made through advanced technology that studies have shown to have little or no effect on the environment

Since printing also involves supplies such as laser toners and ink cartridges, the use of remanufactured types can be of great help in trying green printing techniques. Third party printer supply stores that manufacture these items assure their customers of high quality and eco-friendly printing at an affordable price. Remanufactured products also undergo several tests to ensure that these items will perform at their best without harming the environment.

Let's stay green.

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